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The group of companies BRAFLEX - INDCERCOM - ATOLIS are full private Romanian companies, located in Brasov, which develop activities of manufacturing and design of high precision parts and assemblies.

We can provide parts production and also prototypes at the highest quality and efficient cost-effectiveness by milling, turning (dia.800mm /1200mm up to length 4000mm), round and planar grinding (according to lathe dimensions), mechanical assemblies or welding assemblies.

All our products are designed and manufactured using advanced CAD/CAM software (Catia V5) and modern CNC technologies. We are machining using CNC centers and also conventional units for large dimension parts.

As CNC centers we are using the following types that provide our products high precision and accuracy:

  •          CNC milling centers: Fadal VMC 4020, Fadal VMC 4525, Fadal VMC 15RT, Hyundai WIA F400, Mazak VTC 20B and
  •          CNC turning centers: Mazak SQT 10MS, Okuma Genos L300-MY, Hyundai WIA E160A

On the other hand, a wide range of products was developed on customer request for refineries and chemical plants, power plants, water industry, and other fields of activity, which include: full metallic flexible couplings for rotating movement, spare parts for reciprocating compressors, as: rods and piston rods, assemblies (fully equipped), suction/ discharge valves, packing cases assemblies.


We have developed complex molds and stamps on customers’ request, as complete mould or stamp or special active parts.


Also, we can provide 3D modelling and detailing services using advanced CAD/CAM software (Catia V5).